Your work and an individual/and in a group forms the basis of critical discussion (critique = 'crit') most weeks.

You tutor will facilitate larger crits most weeks (in the form of a stand-up meeting) designed to return to our key concern with art-as-learning and learning-as-art.

Your Basho can, and should, also host crits independently - without tutor support. Because this course will provide you with resources on how to host more dynamic and intense crits, you will learn how to host such crits yourself. Such crits will take place in your small peer-support group (your Basho) throughout the course.

Crits are a form of learning and teaching that's taken for granted in art and design but used in almost no other sphere of formal education. The crit is neither natural nor universal. It has not always been used in art and design education and it is possible that we could,

a) remodel it

b) come to rely upon it less exclusively in favour of other methods

In this course, you will come to understand the crit more fully as a learning technique, and you are expected to subject the 'crit' to critical scrutiny.

You will learn how to conduct a crit by taking part in crits regularly.

Further reading on crits is available in the course resource list.