Swarm Authoring (swarming) is a P2P making process used by online communities.

There are lots of forms of software that enable swarming. Google Docs (or Google Wave as it was in beta testing) is perhaps the best known, but there are many many more:

LINK https://www.howtogeek.com/183176/how-to-collaborate-on-documents-over-the-internet/

How do we swarm?

For starters, when we work together to map out our answer to a question, we will be able to see each others contributions taking place live. We can instantly edit what we produce and actively discuss what we are editing and writing as we work.

Swarming for us is another form of paragogy that supports 'collaborative inquiry'.

Our aim is not to simply critique each other's ideas; we are, rather, trying to establish some answers as a group. We will use a process called swarm authoring to do this (more about this in a second....)