JEDER MENSCH EIN KÜNSTLER? runs from Tuesday until Friday this week.

There are two sides to this:

Component 1: Running a project with your Basho in Week 10

This Fair will be open to your fellow students and to the public.

Given the unpredictability of Covid-19 restrictions, it must have an online presence this year.

It must take the form of an [OER (Open Educational Resource).](It must take the form of an OER (Open Educational Resource).)

You are all going to produce an open learning project then invite the members of other Bashos to take part in it. Beyond your peers, your open learning project should be open to the public.

Your open learning project must meet at least one of the definitions of an OER published here:

Additionally, you should consult The Commons Transition Primer

Component 2: Participating in an open learning project run by another Basho in Week 10

You must participate in at least one other Basho's event. (Can't be your own Basho).

You must also write a short peer review of the event that you participated in.

This task will be supported by a tutorial in Week 11 and a template that will assist you in completing this task in the final week: ‣