Your tutor will host Make Gold as a live workshop. It will last at least 60mins.

Your tutor will take you though Make Gold stages 1, 2 and 3. The 4th and 5th stage will be completed asynchronously using MS Teams.

Make Gold assignment instructions are below

Neil Mulholland and Jake Watts have compiled the instructions

Neil and Jake will be available for a quick meeting to answer your questions relating to the current assignment (Make Gold) this week.

Spirit Money, image: Neil Mulholland

Spirit Money, image: Neil Mulholland

Materials for ‘Make Gold’:

Shift/Workers: 3 or more participants

All Shift/Workers should have access to the same recipe template (template instructions follow)

Make Gold encourages speculation about how to achieve the impossible and make a recipe for doing so. Combining alchemy and licensing, the exercise encourages a group to collectively speculate on and negotiate what the act of making gold could entail (both abstractly and/or literally). They must suggest the necessary ingredients for others to make their own group's agreed upon version of gold and detail directions for how others can go about pursuing this elusive goal. Make Gold provokes and channels this activity through the use of the recipe format as a non-copyrightable system of distribution, acting as a generative constraint the group’s recipe for making gold doubles as a set of potential workshop instructions for future individuals or groups to consider, speculate upon, or attempt to enact.

Instructions for ‘Make Gold’: