What is studywithme?

#studywithme is a global phenomenon that grew in popularity during lockdown. It helped to fill the social gap and ambience of working in a space such as a cafe, studio or library in the company of other studious workers.

For our purposes, studywithme is any time spent synchronously studying together.

This could be when you study alongside other members of your Basho in-person or online

It's important to make a distinction between studying and meetings (such as workshops, seminars, stand-ups, etc.) You mainly study alone and in relative silence. However, it helps to do this next to or in the company of your peers. studywithme is what you do when you invite your peers to meet in person or online to study in each other's company.

For most of the time when you are in a studywithme session, you will be quiet. However, having your peers close to hand is always helpful should you have questions - they are they to chat with you about the work you are doing (and vice-versa).

How to studywithme


Use MS Teams 'Polly' to enable those of you who want to studywithme to set up a time and place to studywithme. Go with what's the most popular option. You can book space in the University of Edinburgh Main Library for this, use the dedicated area for Postgraduate study on Floor 5 of the Main Library or just meet in an informal location such as a cafe.


Use MS Teams 'Polly' to enable those of you who want to studywithme to set up a time to study in sync. You login to a VoIP platform such as MS Teams, Skype or Zoom and work in full or partial view of your webcam. You can, of course, turn off your webcam, but that somewhat defeats the point of doing this!

Where to studywithme?