PLAIN TEXT Week 3 What is Paragogy.txt

This short learning module will focus on the peer production of artistic learning known as Paragogy.

Let's start with a quick overview of paragogy, or, as virtual community pioneer Howard Rheingold calls it, 'peeragogy'.

Please watch this first:

Rheingold refers to an ongoing peer produced book, the Peeragogy Handbook (2016)

The Peeragogy Handbook

is peer produced by swarming authorship. It represents the collective experience of its authors on paragogy. The Handbook below is version 3.0 beta 3. The Handbook is regularly updated, so, by the time you read this, the copy below might be out of date.

I'd strongly suggest you download this and read it. It explains how to establish a paragogy to learn pretty much anything! This book is a 'handbook'; this means it's intended to be put to use.